DVSM Meetings and Contests

Meetings are on the 1st Friday of each month

We meet the first Friday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Artisans Suite, 2nd floor of The Professional Building at 8100 Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. The Club business meeting starts at 8:30 PM and lasts about an hour. After the club meetings many members participate in clinics or bring a model to work on with other members. For directions to The Professional Building click here.

Each of our meetings has a theme associated with it. In addition to in progress kits, new builds, etc..., members may bring one model to place on our theme contest table. To view the Theme Contest Calendar click here.

If you have the right stuff, and at the cost of a few x-acto nicks, paint spills or super glued fingers, you too can be immortalized in one of our famous winner plaques. You can view the past winners below.


DVSM Monthly Theme Contest

The DVSM monthly theme contest began in the fall of 2008 by turning the monthly theme table into a contest. From the beginning it was decided the judging would be by people's choice. The points are awarded like this: First, every model in the contest gets 1 point. (This is why we limit the entries to one model per member). Then the winner receives 4 points + 1 more point for entering, for a total of 5 points. Second place receives 3 points + 1, Third gets 2 points + 1, and Fourth earns 1 point + 1 more. In the event of a tie, both models receive full points for the position. So far we have not had a tie for First Place but if this were to happen, we would simply have co-winners. The third piece of this puzzle was to decide how to "award" the winners. One of our members had done plaques for his old club and agreed to do something similar for DVMS. The plaques are unique, based around the monthly theme and always funny. An article on the winning model can be found in the monthly newsletters so the modeler can share their thoughts, describe the build process and more information is provided on the modeling subject. The original announcement and history of the theme contests can be found here.

For more information on our theme contests and a full description of each theme click here.


2018 Theme Contest Standings

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2018

  • Turner, R.*    9
  • Turco, M.    8
  • Hoover, G.*    8
  • Tomczak, P.    5
  • Kapczynski, P.    4
  • Vattilana, J.    4
  • Anderson, D.    3
  • Bailey, E.    3
  • Cicconi, B.    3
  • Leonetti, J.    3
  • Lam, S.    2
  • Rakos, R.    2
  • Rifkin, H.    2
  • Schur, G.    1
  • Senner, D.    1
  • Brown, L.    0
  • Webb, M.    0
  • Goschke, J.    0
  • Blum, M.    0
  • Lockard, C.    0
  • Orsino, L.    0
  • Lacey, L.    0
  • Stonnier, B.    0
  • Volz, J.    0
  • Benner, J.    0
  • Tiewski, F.    0
  • James, B.    0
  • Goerke, D.    0
  • Jones, K.    0
  • Schwach, C.    0
       * Monthly Theme Winner


2014 Winners circle

2014 Theme Contest Winner
Winner: Joe Leonetti

October's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: Team Mates
Winner: Joe Leonetti
Beaufighter Mk-I & Spitfire Mk-Vb-Trop.

October's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: Roll ’Em!’
Winner: Joe Leonetti
“Toy Story” Pizza Planet Delivery Toyota Pickup

September's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: You’re an Animal!
Winner: Charlie Lockard
Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat

August's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: Endless Summer
Winner: Paul Kopczynski
Yokosuka K5Y “Willow”

May's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: Waxing Nostalgic!”
Winner: John Goschke
Vintage Kit: AMT ’59 Thunderbird

April's 2014 Monthly Contest
The ’80s
Joe Volz
Douglas A-4M Skyhawk

March's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: Going Green
Winner: John Goschke
’59 Plymouth Sport Fury

February's 2014 Monthly Contest
Theme: Stone Cold
Winner: Tom Gill
Aerosan RF-8
2013 Winners circle

September's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: Pushing the Envelope
Winner: Nick Sandone
Lamborghini Aventador

August's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: Life's a Beach
Winner: Mike Turco
'48 Ford Convertible

July's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: Groovy '60s!
Winner: Rod Rakos
Volkswagon Bus

May's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: Service With a Smile
Winner: Charlie Lockard
Junkers Ju-52/3M

April's 2013 Monthly Contest
Vince Buoniglio
Marine M60

March's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: Alternative Power
Winner: Joe Volz
Harrier GR-7

February's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: Winter Woolies
Winner: Paul Kopczynski

January's 2013 Monthly Contest
Theme: In the Beginning
Winner: Joe Volz
Douglas SBD-1


2012 Winners circle

2012 Theme Contest Winner
1st: Paul Tomczak
2nd: Mike Turco
3rd: Paul Kopczynski

November's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Tortoise
Winner: Greg Hogg
'64 Fairlane Six Cylinder

November's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Hare
Winner: Paul Tomczak
Convair B-58 Hustler

Octobers's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: ?
Winner: Paul Tomczak
Blohm & Voss P-194

September's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Viva La France!
Winner: Dennis Levy
"Napoleon at the Pyramids"

August's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Land of the Rising Sun
Winner: Bob Cicconi
IJN Cruiser Maya

July's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: America
Winner: Joe Volz
Thunderbirds F-16

May's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Italia
Winner: Mike Turco
1980 Ducati 900S

April's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Go Topless
Winner: Nicki Sandone
'41 Willys Roadster "Tangerine Dream"

March's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Der Fatherland
Winner: Dennis Levy
"The Paper Hanger's Paper"

February's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Delivery Service
Winner: Dennis Levy
"The Water Carrier"

January's 2012 Monthly Contest
Theme: Jolly Old England
Winner: Greg Hogg
Astin Martin DBS


2011 Winners circle

2011 Monthly Contest Winner
First Place
Paul Kopczynski

November's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: Failures & Misfits
Winner: Paul Tomczak's
Focke-Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein

October's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: Never Had It, Never Will
Winner: Matt Pritchett's M61A5 Semovente

September's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: Euro Trash
Winner: Jamie Makin's Ferrari Enzo

August's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: Godzilla's Revenge
Winner: Paul Tomczak's
Yokosuka P1Ya Ginga

July's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: That 70s' Show
Winner: Mike Turco's 1975 Ferrari 312T

May's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: Low and Slow
Winner: Lou Isern's Ader Eole

April's 2011 Monthly Contest
Theme: Dead and Gone
Winner: Lou Isern's
Kawanishi H8K2 Flying Boat (Emily)
March 2011's Monthly Contest
Theme: WW II
Winner: Lou Ursino's Tiger I

February 2011's Monthly Contest
Theme: "Speed Weeks"
Winner: Paul Kopczynski's F-104 Starfighter

January 2011's Monthly Contest
Theme: Lost in the 50's
Winner: Greg Hogg's 50 Nash Ambassador


2010 Winners circle

December 2010 - (Yearly) Contest
Theme: Mustang Group Build
Winner: Joe Leonetti's
1:48 Scale P-51 Mustang

November 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "That 60's Show"
Winner: Nick Sandone's '62 Chevy

October 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: Fall Ghoul-ash
Winner: Tommy Kortman's
"Boot Hill Express"

September 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "Orient Express"
Winner: Lou Isern's Samurai Warrior

August's 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "Horse of a Different Color"
Winner: Nick Sandone's
"Sassy Grass Green" Dodge Charger

July 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "Made in the USA"
Winner: Tommy Kortman's
Revell 1/32 F4U-1A Corsair

May 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "The Need for Speed"
Winner: Nick Sandone's 2008 Ford (Mustang) Shelby GT500KR

April 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "Heavy Metal"
Winner: John Goschke's '56 Desoto

March 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: "My Favorite"
Winner: Paul Kopczynski's 1:48 Scale B-24D
February 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: Rusted Reds
Winner: Greg Hogg's 2006 Corvette

January 2010's Monthly Contest
Theme: Prototypes and Famous Firsts
Winner: Drew Volz's 1/72 Tamiya F4D Skyray


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